Friday, May 31, 2013


What is one of the bests way to have fun with your dolls in the summer.
Have a picnic!
          5 things you need for a Picnic.
  1. Lemonade and Cookies.
You can not have an awesome picnic without lemonade and cookies!
  You know the saying lemonade and cookies make the world go round.

2.  Invite all your friends.
    How fun is a picnic if you are by yourself?

  3. Smoothies or milkshakes.
     Okay. So you don't have to have these.
        But come on. Every one loves Smoothies!

  4. Take lots of pictures.
   You want to remember the picnic!

   5. Play some fun games!
  Like kick ball or tag.

We hope you have a Great Summer!
Filled with picnics. :)

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